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Mar 2017
Iulian Dragos
Mar 18 2017 11:19
Hey guys! I see these tests failing in our CI but they pass on my machine:
[info]    beAReadablePath checks if a path is readable
[info]       + setReadable(okPath) must beAReadablePath
[error]       x setNotReadable(okPath) must not be aReadablePath
[error]  target/test/fs/file.txt is readable (file:1)
[info]    beAWritablePath checks if a path is writable
[info]      + setWritable(okPath) must beAWritablePath
[error]      x setNotWritable(okPath) must not be aWritablePath
[error]  target/test/fs/file.txt is writable (file:1)
did you ever see them failing?
(these are specs2 tests, not my own ;-) )
Eric Torreborre
Mar 18 2017 12:03
No that's the first time I see this