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Apr 2017
Eric Torreborre
Apr 16 2017 22:00 UTC
@tek I'm off to bed now, I'm letting my laptop run the show and publish 3.8.9-20170416215732-badcded with your fix. If all goes well it will be available in a few minutes :-)
Torsten Schmits
Apr 16 2017 22:01 UTC
@etorreborre great!
then I can try out my any-string case class field matcher :)
or rather, diffable
Torsten Schmits
Apr 16 2017 22:15 UTC
speaking of, at first I wanted to use Diffable to allow using a tagged type like String with ArbitraryString to ignore inequality in a case class field (must_== CC(1, 2, "".asInstanceOf[String with ArbitraryString]) in a nutshell), but this was thwarted by the inability to compare different types. Then I read a comment in the spec file I modified for the PR saying something like "we need to be able to compare different types"…is there still a plan to do that?