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Jul 2017
Bjørn Madsen
Jul 03 2017 19:08
after upgrading from 3.8.6 to 3.9.1 i get the following error
if I manually do
val a: EitherT[Task, A, B] = ???
a.value.unsafeRun must beLeft(???)
then it works fine
oh, there’s two files in that gist
the matcher that errors is
  def returnLeft[A, B](m: ValueCheck[A]): Matcher[EitherT[Task, A, B]] =
    beLeft(m) ^^ { et: EitherT[Task, A, B] =>
      et.value.unsafeRun aka "the either task"
Bjørn Madsen
Jul 03 2017 19:15
hrm, it works in some other cases
Eric Torreborre
Jul 03 2017 19:53
Could you please bundle up a small project with the working and non-working cases?
Also I need to work on these diffs for Throwables. When it's not the expected throwable at all, it's no use showing a line by line diff.
For the record, I'm still trying to compile and run everything with Scala js and I'm currently having some issues with the parser combinators library which is not working with both the JVM and JS modules at the same time. I still can't figure out how to setup sbt for this.
Bjørn Madsen
Jul 03 2017 21:00
sure, will take a look at it tomorrow