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Sep 2017
Alexander Samsig
Sep 21 2017 07:56
When using selection to run tests, is it only possible to select Examples, and not suites?
In the project I'm currently working on there are many
"something"(suite) should { "...."(example) in { ko } }
So it would make more sense to select a suite, is this possible?
Eric Torreborre
Sep 21 2017 10:51
The short answer is "no" however this could be implemented. In the meantime you can use "sections" to delimit any block of examples and use the "include" argument to do the selection
Alexander Samsig
Sep 21 2017 11:20
Okay, I see thank you for the reply, I guess I'll have to write the tests differently in the future :)
Bjørn Madsen
Sep 21 2017 17:58
hey, is there some way to customize how diffs are printed?
I'm doing scalacheck properties with generated \r\n and it gets super messy and impossible to follow
Eric Torreborre
Sep 21 2017 19:01
@aeons please have a look at the Diffable typeclass