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Oct 2017
Raphael Mäder
Oct 27 2017 08:02
Yeah, it's mutable allright :smile: Another thing I found is that I can not have two mocks with the same name in the same test class, even if it's in separate test methods.
Now I'm able to write the tests without problems, but it would have been very nice to know these things from the start. Maybe add this to the docs? If there's a repo for I can make a PR if you want to, @etorreborre ?
By "name" I mean the val name, not the mock name. Hmm thinking of it, maybe it would work with var... But yeah, I'd rather not ;)
Eric Torreborre
Oct 27 2017 08:57
This is very surprising to me. Before making it a recommendation in the user guide I would like to understand why because I don't see any reason why naming would influence the mock behaviour unless there's a serious Scala compiler bug. Or maybe a Mockito bug because I think they are doing some rewriting behind the scenes