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Jan 2018
Leonard Ehrenfried
Jan 02 2018 11:21
can i use the await syntax for futures in specs2 version 4.0.2 for scalajs?
right now i'm getting linker errors: Referring to non-existent method scala.concurrent.impl.Promise$CompletionLatch.releaseShared(scala.Int)scala.Boolean
Eric Torreborre
Jan 02 2018 12:33
Await cannot work with futures on Scala.js but it should be possible to find a syntax to create examples where the body returns a Future[Result] if you have a look at the Execution class
Eric Torreborre
Jan 02 2018 12:38
Yes. Fragment = Description + Exécution in specs2. All the rest is syntactic sugar on top. Sorry I'm on a bus en route to the airport right now and can't do much more