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Jan 2018
David Laredo
Jan 18 2018 12:27
Hi all, Im running all my specs2 spec files through jenkins and I would like to parse the generate JUnit xml files and generate a visual/readable report when the build finishes. No i'm aware there several plugins that do this, So i'm here looking for recommendations on your favourite one!
Matt Searle
Jan 18 2018 12:53
Hi All, I am looking to implement something along the lines of Erics suggestion in here ( however I notice that the rng Parameter was removed. I found this merge( in scalacheck, Does anyone know how to set the initialSeed?
Eric Torreborre
Jan 18 2018 13:00
I think that last time I checked the seed was still not accessible as a parameter
@dlaredod did you try the HTML reporting from specs2? You can run sbt> testOnly * -- junitxml html
Matt Searle
Jan 18 2018 13:11
That's frustrating, I will check in the scalacheck gitter just in case... Thanks @etorreborre
Edmund Noble
Jan 18 2018 21:33
Does anyone know how I can make a MatchResult from a Result?
If that makes sense?
Really I'm wondering how to make a Matcher that uses scalacheck internally