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Jan 2018
David Laredo
Jan 18 2018 12:27
Hi all, Im running all my specs2 spec files through jenkins and I would like to parse the generate JUnit xml files and generate a visual/readable report when the build finishes. No i'm aware there several plugins that do this, So i'm here looking for recommendations on your favourite one!
Jan 18 2018 12:53
Hi All, I am looking to implement something along the lines of Erics suggestion in here ( however I notice that the rng Parameter was removed. I found this merge( in scalacheck, Does anyone know how to set the initialSeed?
Eric Torreborre
Jan 18 2018 13:00
I think that last time I checked the seed was still not accessible as a parameter
@dlaredod did you try the HTML reporting from specs2? You can run sbt> testOnly * -- junitxml html
Jan 18 2018 13:11
That's frustrating, I will check in the scalacheck gitter just in case... Thanks @etorreborre
Edmund Noble
Jan 18 2018 21:33
Does anyone know how I can make a MatchResult from a Result?
If that makes sense?
Really I'm wondering how to make a Matcher that uses scalacheck internally