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Jan 2018
Eric Torreborre
Jan 19 2018 08:04
Look for "def result" in Matcher you will see many methods you can use (sorry not at my laptop now)
Edmondo Porcu
Jan 19 2018 10:30
I have asked this question so many times but I am still confused about the answer, what is the right way to get a more descriptive failure message? I tried the "aka" approach but it doesn't work
        val r = expectedValue match{
          case Some(x) => value aka node.toString must valueMatcher(x)
          case None => failure(s"${node.toString} not present in expected value",t)
I am expecting this to fail with a decent description, instead it fails like so:
0.3802197243273486 is not close to 0.3941559432378821016225013987081023 +/- 0.001