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Jan 2018
Tiziano Perrucci
Jan 31 2018 15:49
@etorreborre I have a really annoying issue with matching case classes
  val result1 = Await.result(sut ? createCommand, defaultTimeoutDuration)
  val testResult1 = result1 must matchA[Unauthorized]
this results in a compilation error type mismatch;
[error] found : UnauthorizedMatcher
[error] required: org.specs2.matcher.Matcher[Any]
[error] val testResult1 = result1 must matchA[Unauthorized]
(I'm using specs2 4.0.2, scala 2.11, I've the specs2-matcher-extra dependency and I'm mixing in MatcherMacros)
I hope you can push me in the right direction :)
Eric Torreborre
Jan 31 2018 22:21
What is the exact type of result1? Is sut ? createCommand really returning a Future[Unauthorized]? This is what is expected there. Unless there's a bug the compiler is saying that result1 : Any