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May 2018
May 10 2018 11:01
hi all, we're getting exceptions in our tests but specs2 is swallowing them. How can I get specs2 to print stack traces?
ok, so if I run with -- fullstacktrace it shows it. Ok!
oh, hold on, that's not working, it's printing an internal trace
May 10 2018 11:08
ah, that does work, but it's causing scalatest to complain. I see.
Eric Torreborre
May 10 2018 11:09
You might need to remove scalatest from sbt's testFrameworks
May 10 2018 11:09
not an option, it is used for other tests. I have the stacktrace now so I'll survive :-)
Marko Dimjašević
May 10 2018 12:19
@etorreborre , thanks again for the 4.2.0 release. It's been a relief to finally have a way of reproducing a failure in ScalaCheck-related specs.
(... and conversly, to be able to confirm that a failure is due to something else outside the spec and the code being tested.)
The lack of this feature was haunting me for the last 6 months, which is when I started working with ScalaCheck and Specs2
Of course, such a feature would end up in Specs2 much sooner if ScalaCheck simply made a release back then. The initial seed support has been there since March 2017.