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May 2018
Eric Torreborre
May 14 2018 14:29
Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 16.28.00.png
@mdimjasevic hehe, I’m also quite enjoying this new scalacheck.seed feature myself ^^^
(you need to click on the image…)
Marko Dimjašević
May 14 2018 14:32
be aware of unchecked crocodiles :)
Eric Torreborre
May 14 2018 14:32
Yes we have a whole zoo of services around here: crocodile, sparrow, panda, wombat, lemur, starfish and so on :-)
Christopher Davenport
May 14 2018 17:25
Nice naming system.
Naming is hard, so having something easy to run with is nice.