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Jun 2018
Vamsi Ampolu
Jun 22 2018 01:14
@etorreborre I did my squeryl tutorial here, have a few issues because I am using a much older version of squeryl :worried: but will fix them when I have time, plug this into the cake pattern, see if I can mock it with specs2 and apply the learning to real code (already feel tired without having done any work)
Keir Lawson
Jun 22 2018 12:58
Are SeqMatcher and SetMatcher from SequenceMatchersCreation actually used? I couldn't find any reference to them outside their declaration in the code?
Eric Torreborre
Jun 22 2018 13:19
@keirlawson this seems to be some old left-over code indeed, please remove it if you are doing a PR around that code
Keir Lawson
Jun 22 2018 13:21
Ok, I think I'm going to give up on said PR as I think I bit off more than I could chew wrt NonEmptyList, but will submit a clean up PR at least