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Jul 2018
Jul 25 2018 00:05
I'm currently using play 2.3 ... (old project I know) we plan on updating to play 2.5 soon but I was wondering if there was a way to upgrade our org.specs2 version first? We are currently on 3.6.4
I tried dropping 4.2.0 directly into the project and things blew up
[error] missing or invalid dependency detected while loading class file 'PlaySpecification.class'.
[error] Could not access type NoTimeConversions in package org.specs2.time,
[error] because it (or its dependencies) are missing. Check your build definition for
[error] missing or conflicting dependencies. (Re-run with `-Ylog-classpath` to see the problematic classpath.)
[error] A full rebuild may help if 'PlaySpecification.class' was compiled against an incompatible version of org.specs2.time.
[error] /Users/vitocutten/code/auth/test/com/rallyhealth/authn/common/TestModule.scala:7: object ConcurrentExecutionContext is not a member of package org.specs2.matcher
[error] import org.specs2.matcher.ConcurrentExecutionContext
[error]        ^
Jul 25 2018 16:55
@etorreborre the reason I was trying to upgrade the version of org.specs2 was because I am unable to pull in ForEach