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Aug 2018
Igal Tabachnik
Aug 27 2018 06:08
Yeah, just thinking out loud... I have a scenario in the bazel runner that needs to call getDescription early to do some filtering on it
This happens before the actual runner... runs, so it's not protected by any of the safe actions
and it ends up crashing the runner. My initial thought was to catch any exception from getDescription and return an empty description instead, but this doesn't work, because the filtering breaks -- it won't find any descriptions matching the filter. I rather seeing the exception.
So I will have to handle the crash in the bazel runner.... and that may be a more difficult PR to put through....
But anyway, with #697 in place, the overall reporting is now rock solid, so I don't really care about the runner crashing. Fix yer tests :)
Igal Tabachnik
Aug 27 2018 06:15
Perhaps hacking a class loader to intercept all exceptions and return default values instead :D
Eric Torreborre
Aug 27 2018 06:23
Not sure I want to go through this kind of rabbit hole :-)