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Nov 2018
Eric Torreborre
Nov 01 2018 08:49
@benhutchison sorry, I’ve been so much absorbed by the new job that I was totally out of gitter for last month. ScalaJs is something that I never had the use of so it might be missing stuff indeed. Fundamentally a specs2 Specification is a list of Fragments each of which is a pair of a Description + an Execution. And Execution is more or less a Future[() => Result]. So it should be possible to have examples of a spec return a Future[() => Result]. I don’t know though how much the current DSL would be impacted by such an addition. But if we can do this then this is all about Futures and everything should run ok even on ScalaJs.
Ben Hutchison
Nov 01 2018 20:45
Thanks Eric. I'll try writing a spec that returns
Future[() => Result] and see what happens