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Nov 2018
Andreas Flierl
Nov 28 2018 10:21
Quick question: if I do List("a", "b") should_=== List("a") I get a failure "a, - b" (the - b is red, as in "removed") and when I do List("a") should_=== List("a", "b") I get a failure "a, + b" and "Missing (1): b" (the + b in blue, as in "added"). Shouldn't the "- b" and "+ b" be exactly the other way round? Like in the first example the "b" is "too much" (so should be "+ b") and in the second example the "b" is "missing" and should be "- b"?
Eric Torreborre
Nov 28 2018 12:53
Yes that looks like it. Do you have the courage for a PR?
Eric Torreborre
Nov 28 2018 13:12
I realize that “courage” might be mis-interpreted in English. In French this question is more akin to “do have the patience, the energy, the availability to do it?” and not “are you brave enough?” :-)
Fabio Labella
Nov 28 2018 13:24
I have definitely seen some codebases where you could interpret that literally :joy:
Eric Torreborre
Nov 28 2018 13:25