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Oct 2016
Rasmus Mikkelsen
Oct 30 2016 17:44
@SMASH1337 It's fairly simple, you basically only need to implement IEventPersistence, register it, and then you are ready
@SMASH1337 EventFlow is wired up for in-memory as default, and I recommend you use that configuration for any automated domain validation tests
@SMASH1337 And implement ReadModelStore<> for read model support, both should be fairly simple to do. If you are having trouble, then have a look at the in-memory implementation in the source code
Rasmus Mikkelsen
Oct 30 2016 17:50
@SMASH1337 In order to use the EventStore implementation, someone confident in EventStore should have a look at the code i wrote. I haven't ever used EventStore for anything other than a small PoC, so I expect it to be a bit off
Oct 30 2016 19:01
@rasmus That's about all the experience I have with EventStore too so I'm in the same boat but it is a really nice event store. Thanks for the response!