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Jul 2017
Rasmus Mikkelsen
Jul 29 2017 17:54
@wingnut808 sorry for the late reply, but I'm on holiday. I know that there isn't much activity here, but I like to have as it does happen and it could potentially provide a channel for developers using EventFlow to help each other out.
Regarding the command bus, then yes, its responsible for finding the correct command handler and executing it on the correct aggregate. In EventFlow I try to keep the classes as simple as possible and only have them have a very narrow responsibility. The actual applying of events to an aggregate is done by the aggregate store. But have a look at the source code, I should be easy to follow.
Regarding production use, then yes. Its currently used by a small application at my work and is being implemented in another. Out-of-the-box EventFlow does everything in-memory using the single EventFlow nuget package (don't do this in production though, read the "Before using EventFlow in a production environment" in the very top of the Getting Started Guide on The RabbitMQ is only used if you want to publish events to RabbitMQ but EventFlow doesn't currently support consuming from RabbitMQ. The typical setup (based on NuGet downloads) is to use EventFlow with a MSSQL event store, which is also what we use at eBay.
Hope that answers your questions