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Aug 2018
Frank Ebersoll
Aug 30 2018 05:44
@sitepodmatt There was some work in this direction, but @rasmus reverted it. I don‘t know why: eventflow/EventFlow#504 I would like to see this for everything that receives events, in an „at least once“ manner
@Nitinbabariya You might have a look into this one:
The domain is in German, but you should be able to figure it out
Frank Ebersoll
Aug 30 2018 05:51
It‘s about me ordering Pizza for my colleagues, and they have an account each that can be deposited in, so we don‘t need to handle cash all the time
The UI is in PowerShell, because that‘s what I use all the time 😬
It is fully Unit tested.
Aug 30 2018 19:19
Thanks @frankebersoll , much appreciated