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Nov 2015
Brian LaVallee
Nov 24 2015 01:40
@glensc seems you're looking to move the project to use a PHP framework. I would suggest comparing the available MVC helpers against Eventum dependencies, such as gettext. Allowing a simpler transition from templates to views. I was recently steered towards Code Igniter and YII, takes a while to get the hang of using them.
Elan Ruusamäe
Nov 24 2015 05:40
Yii2 wasnt much component friendly, and talked to one of the devs at that time, they didnt plan to change that. And there probably isnt framework that can do all at once eventum needs. Luckily there are those interoperability psr projects, so can take for example router from sym2 and mvc stuff from zf2 (the exact examples are likely not correct)
For example only zf2 has component that can do mail and mime stuff. And even there it is incomplete, yet it's better that we have now
Brian LaVallee
Nov 24 2015 06:59
I'm probably biased, since I recently spent time learning to navigate it. But I thought that CI might be a good fit for Eventum. The YII app I use, is way too obfuscated to make any sense of what was going on. CI has mime support and number of third-party helpers. Including gettext and smarty.
Bryan Alsdorf
Nov 24 2015 15:24
@glensc FYI I'm trying to finish a project here at work but I hope to go through the backlog here in the channel and email tonight