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Nov 2015
Elan Ruusamäe
Nov 27 2015 10:08
@poing "Features" tab. looks nice overview, is it taken from our wiki, or they wrote that themselves? could we put that overview to our wiki?
@balsdorf have look, do you have ideas?
Elan Ruusamäe
Nov 27 2015 10:36
as for += vs array_merge, if either of them is done the second one does nothing, as if you look, they both operate with same arrays. there's nothing more to "merge" or "concat" if first operation is done. so i think array_merge can be just dropped there
@poing as for CI and mime, eventum needs to READ the mails not only COMPOSE them. and i've already started some work on ZF:
i'd like to finish it first before switching to next one :), the classes are already merged to master branch
Nov 27 2015 23:20
There seem to be some issues with this upgrade page:
I tried to upgrade from 2.3.1, but have issues.
"2. Extract your new Eventum copy over your existing folder structure" seems to contradict instructions shown later in the document.
Also, " upgrade script: php bin/upgrade.php "... I cannot find this script anywhere.
Lastly, are the mailing lists at still valid?
Elan Ruusamäe
Nov 27 2015 23:55
updated wiki