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Nov 2015
Bryan Alsdorf
Nov 30 2015 21:28
@glensc I'd say the auth class? Though I'm not sure if all of them are even used anymore.
our "composer licenses" command output
not sure is that relevant, but it says gplv3 was made so can link with apache-2.0 software
and it also says, if my program is gplv3 then i can only use gplv2 libraries which have "2.0 or later" clause
so it becames clear to me that our license should say "gpl v2 or later"
ah, you already responded in github
Elan Ruusamäe
Nov 30 2015 22:02
i took the liberty and included "issue tracking system" like we had in old headers
"This file is part of the Eventum (Issue Tracking System) package."
Elan Ruusamäe
Nov 30 2015 22:14
and i hate it too, mostly because it's hard to understand it