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Dec 2015
Elan Ruusamäe
Dec 30 2015 18:56
so, making release tomorrow
aside, efc5a81 refers to which issue?
Dec 30 2015 19:00
Nice. On a separate topic, is there a TODO list, vision statement or wish list anywhere? I'd like to contribute where I can. My priorities are changing the ui to remove some (most) of the popups. It would be good if this and other things were on a list somewhere.
Elan Ruusamäe
Dec 30 2015 19:49
there isn't anything particular, just some ideas floating around
my wish list is too long over 9 years of eventum use, to be sanely to list it anywhere :)
from the recent changes you may see that my changes are rather cosmetic, i.e improving myself and codebase to make it better maintenable, no real features
one of those include replacing mail classes with zend2
some newer idea is to improve workflow handling, i want more hooks and hooks that are not project related but global
there was some roadmap filled long time ago, i think it still exists somewhere in wiki
seems none of the items there interest me, and should be probably just moved to "wishlist" section
Elan Ruusamäe
Dec 30 2015 19:54
or are not clear enough ("Change directory structure")
i'll remove it
and some other ideas are presented in tickets of course
probably add some new category for tickets, like "wishlist"
ah, "feature request" already exists, using thjat
Dec 30 2015 23:34
Feature request works.. I'll add a couple when I get a few minutes. I think you'll need to add the labels.