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Mar 2016
Bryan Alsdorf
Mar 15 2016 02:53
@glensc I just merged the latest changes into my internal company tree for testing so I'd say lets wait another week for a release.
@cpinfold There is actually an option to download a zip from github if people are interested. Other then that I think they can wait a week
Mar 15 2016 02:57
Agreed on the week. Before I had a test environment setup, I wouldn't have tried it if it wasn't a release or RC. Thought there may be others.. A consideration for another time.
Elan Ruusamäe
Mar 15 2016 11:42
If you use github tarball you need to run composer yourself
I myself use two versions in prod. One from release tarball, the other from git checkout. And use ab=1 cooki to rewrite to dev version. So the urls remain same. AB testing :)
Ive hit some weid formatting bugs lately. Like posts that lack newlines or whole post full of html entities. Ive debugges and seems those old posts just have broken data, not relaated to recent changes.