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Mar 2016
Bryan Alsdorf
Mar 23 2016 01:53
@glensc Found a bug with the new zend mail. Want me to open a bug or comment on the original PR? Or just paste it here?
Bryan Alsdorf
Mar 23 2016 02:04

I can send a complete email, but basically it chokes on email this this as the first line:
From Wed Mar 23 01:42:50 2016

Which google apps adds.

Elan Ruusamäe
Mar 23 2016 10:04
um. well. if it is not secret, you could create ticket and add the email sample in tests/ folder
Bryan Alsdorf
Mar 23 2016 19:51
Also, different issue: Seems the email logger is trying to send an email even if it is disabled?