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May 2016
May 25 2016 08:31

Hi guys!

Could I ask you a question, regarding choose of InnoDB/MyIsam engine?
Why Eventum still use MyIsam?

If understand correctly, you are planned to move to InnoDB a long time ago
(6 years ago), because the InnoDB engine will provide much better performance.
Is it any problems to switch Eventum from MyISAM to InnoDB or I can do it safely, on my local version?

Many thanks in advance.

Elan Ruusamäe
May 25 2016 09:55
well. i personally just haven't got that far to migrate. for me it's easier to manage myisam (backup, restore, etc)
and currently you probably have to do some code changes to use innodb because new patches force myisam db engine
it should be likely configurable, like database adapter is configurable. just there is no support like this
i have some plans to migrate db code to doctrine2, but haven't got started with it
but overall, it should just work without any modifications if you convert your db myisam->innodb, just be aware that new tables are created as myisam so you may need to convert them again when they appear. luckily we don't add new tables very often
Bryan Alsdorf
May 25 2016 13:42
FWIW, I run Eventum as InnoDB and have for many years. Just run an alter table everytime we add a new table