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Jun 2016
Jun 09 2016 12:46 UTC

Hello guys!
I have a important question about version of php-sphinxapi.

Why are you still use in composer.json old version 2.0.1 ?
Version php-sphinxapi 2.0.1 is old and is unavailable for now.

Are there any compatibility issues of Eventum with newest version php-sphinxapi 2.1.0 or 2.2.0:
Many thanks in advance.

Elan Ruusamäe
Jun 09 2016 15:07 UTC
i'm using 2.0.10 version (server and client), because newer one is not compatible. it losed some fields and haven't got around investigate and upgrade to newer version.
and what you mean is unavailable? the server or the composer library we use?
Jun 09 2016 15:11 UTC
yes, here
  • is unavailable
Elan Ruusamäe
Jun 09 2016 18:24 UTC
"yes, here" - means what?
and you should really learn how to report bugs. i.e if you pasted error you got, i could had figured out immediately what the problem was!
updating composer repository to use github url. found the exact match