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Aug 2016
Aug 30 2016 19:09 UTC
@glensc @balsdorf I'm testing a change to the email routing that is working well at the moment. Would you accept a PR with this change:
Aug 30 2016 19:17 UTC

The current if/else structure of the method createIssueFromEmail in is that if subject based routing is enabled it doesn't get to the else where related emails are checked. My current solution is to change the if to also test for subject containing the issue # and if not drop to the else condition, like this:

if (($setup['subject_based_routing']['status'] == 'enabled') and        
    (preg_match("/\[#(\d+)\]( Note| BLOCKED)*/", $subject, $matches))) {

It appears that if subject based routing isn't enabled than the else would be executed without another setup check. (It never gets there if workflow is enabled)

I'll keep testing. If it is acceptable, I'll submit the tiny PR for the change.
Elan Ruusamäe
Aug 30 2016 20:15 UTC
submit the PR. it's easier to review. regardless if the PR be accepted or not its easier to discuss there
Aug 30 2016 21:44 UTC
Ok submitted #190