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Nov 2016
Bryan Alsdorf
Nov 16 2016 02:59
@glensc Ever taken a look at ? I've been digging through a problem with blank emails showing up in eventum for multipart/signed and been reminded that the pear mime code is ancient and horrible
I can't share a test case yet as the email contains customer data, but I'll clean it up and share when I can
Elan Ruusamäe
Nov 16 2016 11:37
@balsdorf if you recall, i started replacing mail code with ZF2 mail library. it's even in use in some part (don't recall was it sending or receiving)
@balsdorf it requires pecl mailparse extension, binary extensions not preferred due their install complexity
anyway, if you would be able to add to git repo sample, and testcase showing problem, could have look how ZF2 class parses that better or not. or even that php-mime-mail-parser