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Jun 2016
Levi DeHaan
Jun 24 2016 00:20
I too am having issues with ipython:
whenever i make a mistake and compiler throws an error it will keep throwing that error until i restart the ipython kernel and reload the coconut ext. just reloading the ext doesn't work, you have to restart the kernel.
the exact error is:
TypeError: Error when calling the metaclass bases
and by keep throwing the error, i mean, if i edit the code to be correct, and re-run it throws the same error until i restart the kernel and rerun the code.
hmm make that, even if it runs successfully once, it may still error out if run again.
and then continue erroring until the kernel is restarted
Levi DeHaan
Jun 24 2016 00:26
just a fyi, i upgraded notebook and ipython just now, and that didn't help.
Levi DeHaan
Jun 24 2016 00:41
virtualenvs don't fix it, and running in python3 doesn't fix it.
I'm running opensuse
if there's anything I can run to help debug let me know.
also, this is really very useful, I look forward to playing with it :)
Levi DeHaan
Jun 24 2016 00:47
same error in ipython on ubuntu 15.10
brian herman
Jun 24 2016 04:23
how does coconut work does it modify the ast of python?
Evan Hubinger
Jun 24 2016 07:47
@levidehaan The ipython/jupyter kernel in 1.0.0 has some known problems that should be fixed in develop right now. I will try to release a new version soon with those fixes in it.
@brianherman Coconut actually doesn't use Python's ast--the reason being that Coconut syntax is not valid Python syntax, and thus Python's ast can't process it.
Jun 24 2016 11:07
@brianherman My understanding is that it's a transpiler, sort of like how typescript goes to javascript. It generates python source code.
By the way, this is currently the number 1 trending python repo, which is impressive.
4o4u4 (L.G)
Jun 24 2016 14:16
good luck
Jun 24 2016 20:41
I wonder if at some point in the future (and maybe with funding from continuum) a semantically restricted coconut could compile down to fast numba :
Dynd has a really cool pattern matching dependent type system. Though those two projects would probably have to mature a bit.
Evan Hubinger
Jun 24 2016 23:08
@datnamer Cool idea! Numba looks like it takes in normal Python code, so I bet it would work with compiled Coconut as well.