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Jun 2016
Constantine Molchanov
Jun 28 2016 14:22
@evhub Keyword or module autocomplete doesn't work in Jupyter Console with Coconut kernel. Should it?
Ryosuke Ito
Jun 28 2016 15:01
Coconut is exactly what I've been longing for. BTW I have a question. Is there any Vim syntax plugin for coconut?
Chris Calderon
Jun 28 2016 19:45
Can I import normal python modules into coconut?
Also is there a Sublime Text or Emacs syntax color package?
Evan Hubinger
Jun 28 2016 20:32
@moigagoo That's one of the things I'm working on right now. Hopefully the autocomplete will be better in the next release.
@manicmaniac Thanks! And unfortunately, no Vim syntax plugin right now. I wrote a Pygments highlighter (for Sphinx) and a tmLanguage highlighter (for SublimeText or TextMate), but those are all of the highlighting packages I've written so far. If you wanted to adapt one of those to Vim, that'd be great, though! I'd recommend using an existing python highlighter as a base, and making changes similar to what I did with sublime-coconut (
Evan Hubinger
Jun 28 2016 20:37
@ChrisCalderon Yes! Coconut compiles to Python, so Coconut can import from Python and Python can import from Coconut. And there is a syntax highlighter for Sublime, but not Emacs—for more information see:
Shayne Hodge
Jun 28 2016 21:56
Hello. Saw some posts on Coconut lately, and was wondering, but can't find any one who's written about it - how does Coconut compare to HyPy?
Bah, sorry, Hy, not HyPy.
Evan Hubinger
Jun 28 2016 22:44
@schodge Hy is a Lisp dialect—Coconut is a strict superset of Python. Coconut extends Python with functional programming features that interoperate with and look like existing Python features. Hy completely replaces all of Python's syntax with its own Lisp syntax. Furthermore, Coconut and Hy have very different features—Coconut's functional programming tools are more Haskell/F#/Elixir style, while Hy's are more Scheme/Racket style. Finally, Coconut compiles straight to Python, which means running it doesn't require any extra libraries like Hy does.
Shayne Hodge
Jun 28 2016 22:45
Thanks. Definitely more different than I first assumed. If anyone else asks them, I guess it'll qualify as a FAQ :)
Evan Hubinger
Jun 28 2016 22:52
@schodge Great, glad I could help!
@manicmaniac I'm creating an issue for writing a Vim highlighting package. It doesn't look too bad and I'll try and see if I can get around to it at some point.