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Jul 2016
Nick Tchayka
Jul 02 2016 18:22
@evhub I was thinking about writing myself a language, got my specification and knowledge on how to write a compiler for ASM. I would like to write this for the Python runtime, like coconut. Any tips?
Oh, I have just read that coconut compiles straight to Python, nvm lol
Evan Hubinger
Jul 02 2016 20:49
@NickSeagull Yes, Coconut compiles to Python. And if you're interested in language development, you're welcome to fork Coconut, make some changes, and submit a pull request (or not, it's open source so you can do whatever you want with it)--but the language is still in development so if you have ideas I'm open to them.
Nick Tchayka
Jul 02 2016 21:24
First I gotta do something interesting with it @evhub :)