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Aug 2016
Sivabudh Umpudh
Aug 13 2016 05:09
Want to try this in production. Current stack is Python 3.5.2, PyCharm, Flask. Afraid of debugging compiled output. Anyone put coconut through Production test yet?
Chuck Daniels
Aug 13 2016 15:19
@sivabudh I’m still just poking around, but good point regarding debugging compiled output. @evhub and I had an exchange regarding adding comments to the generated Python code. There is a —linenumbers flag for the compiler that will insert the Coconut line number as a comment at the related line of Python code. I suggested he also add a flag that would add the Coconut code line to the comment as well, for easier debugging. See #74.
Evan Hubinger
Aug 13 2016 20:17
@sivabudh I work at Yelp, and have been experimenting in using Coconut for portions of our infrastructure. It works pretty well. As for debugging, like @chuckwondo said, I would highly recommend making use of the --linenumbers flag. That way you'll be able to see the relevant Coconut line numbers in any tracebacks.