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Sep 2016
Evan Hubinger
Sep 07 2016 18:49
@x10an14 That error message looks like you don't have permission to install global packages. If you're on Unix, I'd just sudo pip install coconut jupyter, otherwise if you're on Windows you'll have to run a cmd.exe window as administrator.
Sep 07 2016 21:10
@evhub I'm struggling to understand you...? In the attempt previously linked (also available here), lines 67-99 illustrate install attempt w/o sudo, which give a permission error. Lines 100-187 (and also lines 328-444) show the successfull installs of Coconut and Jupyter, and the attempt(s) of execution (with and without sudo) in lines 445-538, show the same errors as previously received in previous efforts.
Feel free to continue this in private chat if you consider this uninteresting for this gitter channel, and you're willing to help me figure out what I've misunderstood/am doing wrong =)
Evan Hubinger
Sep 07 2016 21:41
@x10an14 Ah, I see. I only briefly glanced at the message you sent and didn't see that you later did run the command again with sudo. The has_readline error you encounter after that is from mismatched jupyter and jupyter-console installs, I believe. Try pip install --upgrade jupyter==1.0.0 and see if that fixes it. In the future (once v1.2.0 is released), so you won't ever have to do this again, pip install coconut[jupyter] will enforce the correct jupyter version.
Here's the IPython issue for the has_readline error you're encountering: ipython/ipython#9758