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Sep 2016
Sep 08 2016 20:46
@evhub Ahh, allright, thanks! Finally got to where I wanted xP
I'll do a write-up of the necessary steps on the github issue (feel free to proof-read it), and you can add there what you intend to be the "correct way" after the release of v1.2.0 =)
Evan Hubinger
Sep 08 2016 20:57
@x10an14 Great, thanks! I'll try to include your steps in the documentation once you're finished.
Sep 08 2016 21:06
@evhub Done! And no sudo required! Nor any pollution of global space =)
@evhub Would it be okay if I make a feature request for attempting to use sys.argv[0] and look for "<venv-folder>/bin/<executable" on Linux (and corresponding on Windows), to see if it's run in a virtualenv? So that it's easier for scripting?
I find it a little difficult for some scripts to exit an activated virtualenv, especially on Windows. Could just be due to my own ignorance though.