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Oct 2016
Oct 16 2016 14:21
@evhub Welp, I'm back. Sorry for disappearing for two weeks.
I think I've solved the minimization issues with Alpine, but I'm currently waiting for the 20 minutes (1100+ seconds) of tests to complete to ensure that everything works with each change/iteration =P.
The only "problem" I've come across so far is the "mypy" test, which for some reason doesn't produce the expected compiled .py file from the .coco file(s). Hence, this happens:
> coconut --jobs sys tests/src/cocotest/python3 tests/dest/cocotest --target 3 --mypy
Coconut: Compiling         tests/src/cocotest/python3/py3_test.coco ...
mypy: can't read file '/usr/coconut/tests/dest/cocotest/': No such file or directory
Coconut: Compiled to       tests/dest/cocotest/ .
CoconutException: failed to run MyPy command: ['/usr/local/bin/mypy', '/usr/coconut/tests/dest/cocotest/', '--python-version', '3.4']
After this current test is finished, I'll give you the error from the compilation of py3_test.coco. If memory serves me right, it's class B(*()): pass (more accurately (*())) it freaks out over =)
Oct 16 2016 14:55
Here's the Gist showing the run of the test in interactive mode, with me exploring the failing commands afterwards. The make test command is what finishes on line 847.
Only 3 of 19 tests passed in my test of python 2.7 =P So there's plenty of tests to clean up before docker implementation of coconut is ready =P