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Oct 2016
Mikael Davidsson
Oct 20 2016 06:43
Yes, header is run every time I use jupyter magic. That is: every %coconut or %%coconut will initialize everything. Jupiter magic needs to be run at least in every cell. I'm guessing jupyter notebook is saving some state in the background and this will become a problem the next time %coconut is run.
Constantine Molchanov
Oct 20 2016 09:15
@evhub Thanks a ton!
There's this podcast called Talk Python to Me I think they totally should interview @evhub (if he is not against it of course). I've proposed that on Twitter, but if more people would support it, the chances would be higher.
Evan Hubinger
Oct 20 2016 20:41
@kaptendavidsson_twitter The Jupyter issue should be fixed now in the latest coconut-develop—just pip install coconut-develop to get the new version! Thanks for finding that issue--I've tracked it in #198, which has now been resolved.
@moigagoo I'd be happy to talk about Coconut, Python, my experience, etc.—and I'm incredibly humbled that you'd propose me for something like that—thanks!
Eric Anderson
Oct 20 2016 21:56
++1 on the talkpython interview idea. @evhub is making great progress on the project (+ taking good care of users/issues) and the language is pretty sweet. With all the love of FP and love of Python out there, Coconut has a lot of potential to get traction if more people learn of it.