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Nov 2016
Evan Hubinger
Nov 28 2016 01:00
@eshansingh mypy is currently supported in the develop version, but not yet in the released version. To get the develop version, just pip install coconut-develop, then pass the --mypy flag to enable automatic mypy type-checking. Coconut supports Python-3.6-style type hints that are compiled to work on any Python version.
Eshan Singh
Nov 28 2016 03:57
Cool, thanks a lot. I also noticed issue #200 for a possible enhanced type definition. Currently there's no updates. Is it low priority?
Eshan Singh
Nov 28 2016 07:32
@evhub If you're looking for some ideas, check out Hask. It has a really good type system similar to Haskell's and a way to make real ADTs and typeclasses. I would really like for a lot of these things to be in Coconut, especially with the possibilities of the syntatic nicities that are possible. I would like if you could explore it when you're free. However, with the kind of semi-drastic changes you may need to make a breaking release, so you could end up with the same situation as Python 2/3. I know version compatability is important to you, so we can figure out what to add. Lastly, if you're too busy at the moment, I would be more than willing to get some of these changes in a PR. Let me know your thoughts when you're free.