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Jan 2017
Eric Anderson
Jan 16 2017 05:14
@plasmashadow I'm using it for all new Python projects and have ported one other project to it, but don't have anything in "production" yet simply because the projects aren't finished. The compiler seems stable (but slow) and I haven't seen anything unexpected (yet) in the output. My main concern for a production system would be that Coconut seems to be a one-man-show - @evhub - at this point so ongoing development, maintenance, and support is something to think about.
Vojtěch Jelínek
Jan 16 2017 18:39
Hi, is there any other way around this problem?
input_data = (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
input_data |> filter$((x) -> x < 5) |> reversed |> len #argument to reversed() must be a sequence
input_data |> filter$((x) -> x < 5) |> tuple |> reversed |> tuple |> len
Eric Anderson
Jan 16 2017 19:21
I think this addresses your example using composition : inputdata |> filter$(-> <5)..reversed |> tuple |> len
Oops bad formatting sorry. input_data |> filter$(-> _ <5)..reversed |> tuple |> len