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Jan 2017
Evan Hubinger
Jan 31 2017 07:52

Was scrolling through this and saw I had missed a couple of posts:

Is there any particular reason Coconut requires psutil==4.3.1 and not psutil>=4.3.1? You see, installing this version on Windows is really tough due to lack of wheels. On the other hand, installing the latest version (5.0.1) is trivial.

@moigagoo I just recently revamped the requirements system in develop, so problems like this should go away completely with the next version; until then just pip install coconut-develop.

This list was posted to Hacker News today, and Coconut's not on it! A little marketing could go a long way.

@Nexus6 Thanks for the suggestion! I sent GitHub a message.

Evan Hubinger
Jan 31 2017 08:04
I just opened vinta/awesome-python#827 -- go +1 it!