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Feb 2017
Mark S I Taylor
Feb 12 2017 19:49
Hi, I'm just getting started learning Coconut (which is awesome BTW) alongside Python. I'm really just re-learning programming after not coding at all for the last 15 years +. Anyway, sorry if this is a really basic question but haven't been able to find the answer so far. Is there a way to change the color scheme in the Coconut interpreter? It really doesn't work well with my preferred console scheme which I'm loath to change because it's easier on my eyes than anything else I've found. (Important for my ageing 45 year old eyesight!) Thanks.
If it makes a difference I'm using Konsole as my terminal.
Evan Hubinger
Feb 12 2017 22:58
@realms-of-chaos You're looking for the --style option. Run coconut --style list to list all the styles, then pass --style name to use a particular style.
coconut-develop also supports a COCONUT_STYLE environment variable for setting a default style. You can get coconut-develop with pip install coconut-develop, although it is likely to get released very soon (within the next couple of weeks).