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Feb 2017
Eshan Singh
Feb 27 2017 14:11
@evhub Hey, I was wondering what tools you use for linting/checking Coconut files?
Feb 27 2017 14:23
@evhub yeah, but this is a lot of small tests.
I want to try how PyPy3.5 performs vs CPython 3.6 :)
Mark S I Taylor
Feb 27 2017 18:52
Hi, sorry, I didn't mean to post, not sure where that came from.
Deleted it.
Evan Hubinger
Feb 27 2017 18:58
@eshansingh You can get style-checking if you pass --strict to the compiler, and you can get MyPy type-checking if you pass --mypy. That's all that's currently available--if they don't cover your use cases, though, definitely raise an issue!
Evan Hubinger
Feb 27 2017 21:17
@TiberiumPY I wouldn't recommend just using make test for that, since it runs different tests on CPython and PyPy, but what you can do is use pytest to run specific tests from tests/