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Mar 2017
Eric Anderson
Mar 16 2017 00:05
I see. I've got to head out in a few minutes unfortunately but have been meaning to ask about any interest in creating a larger, formal (documented) standard library and if so, what might go into it. I also wonder what you and others would think of introducing concepts like persistent data structures and maybe an actor model - two things that Mochi did. Scala has an actor model built in but the entire actor system is available as an external library (can be used from Java too) so it seemed like a curious choice to build it into the language. Wondering what you'd think of such extensions coming in the box with the language in one form or another. But I've got to head out the door now, maybe tomorrow we can continue the discussion!
Evan Hubinger
Mar 16 2017 01:07
@Nexus6 I would definitely love to discuss some of those things with you later! I haven't given much consideration to those sorts of things--my initial reaction is just that if you want to use them, you can just import them--though I definitely think there's room for adding optional built-in support for stuff like that (sort of like what's been done with MyPy or Jupyter).