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Jun 2017
Jason O.
Jun 24 2017 00:55
A pipeline |> can only be use in the same line after the preceding expression/statement, right?
It would be nice if it can be at the beginning of the next line for better readability.
Evan Hubinger
Jun 24 2017 06:59
@puruzio Line continuations in Coconut work the same as in Python. Just wrap your expression in parentheses and line breaks will be ignored. That means you can just do:
 |> func1
 |> func2
 |> func3)
@hasufell Yeah, I think for v1.3.0, I'm going to try to improve some of the issues arising from the precedence there being weird. The issue I just raised, #275, will hopefully help with pipes, and there's another issue #220, for composition.
Jason O.
Jun 24 2017 10:46
@evhub Oh, that's great. thanks