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Jun 2017
Cody Landry
Jun 25 2017 15:38
Hi, new here. Love coconut. It seems like a great way to learn functional programming for someone who started with python. I'd like to contribute and was looking at issue #266. I have an implementation I believe will work, but am not sure how to manually test locally. Do you use the compile functions directly when you do so?
I suppose I could try to replicate what the existing tests are doing. But I'm not sure how to setup tests for the various python target versions.
Evan Hubinger
Jun 25 2017 20:13
@codylandry That's awesome! You're totally right, the testing process is not documented that well; I just added some more information about it to First, make sure you're on the develop branch (git checkout develop) and up to date (git pull) (being on develop is especially important if you're working on #266, since you'll want to put your changes in header.py_template, which is only on develop). For basic manual testing, you should then be able to make dev to set everything up for you, after which the coconut command should be bound to your local copy, among other things. For more permanent testing, you'll want to put your tests in main.coco (for stand-alone stuff), util.coco (for class/data/function definitions for use in suite.coco), or suite.coco (for testing stuff in util.coco), which will all automatically get run by Travis when you submit a PR. Don't be super worried if there are failures when you do that, though, since develop is somewhat unstable right now.