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Jun 2017
Cody Landry
Jun 27 2017 02:45
@evhub Hey, couple of things: 1: I've added the code to header.py_template, but this doesn't seem to get re-evaluated when i run coconut in the dev env. 2: I'm trying to understand the reason for pulling parts of the code/comments into the format_dict in process_header_args. More of a curiosity than anything.
Evan Hubinger
Jun 27 2017 17:39
@codylandry If you just put print("this is the header") at the top of header.py_template, do you see anything? If not, that's rather strange (maybe some sort of installation problem?), but you should be able to just run python ./coconut (the inner coconut folder with inside of it) to make sure you're directly executing your local copy, if the normal coconut command isn't doing that for you. As for the format_dict, it handles all the logic that is dependent on the specific compilation parameters, such as what --target is being used and whether --no-tco was passed, while header.py_template is all the generic stuff that it adds no matter what.