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Jul 2017
Hendrik Richter
Jul 04 2017 16:00
Hi guys, I'm wondering if there are any examples of using Coconut with Django
Evan Hubinger
Jul 04 2017 18:14
@hendi Not that I'm aware of, but it should be very straightforward. Just write your code in Coconut, run the compiler over the whole thing (you can do that easily via coconut <enclosing-folder> which will intelligently only compile .coco files), and you're done! If you want to separate the source code from the compiled code, you can do coconut <source-dir> <dest-dir>, and if you want the compiler to automatically compile any new changes you make, you can use the --watch flag. For more information and an example coconut project, check out this question on the develop FAQ.
Hendrik Richter
Jul 04 2017 19:27
Thanks @evhub . I've got the compilation set up now with a Makefile. I'll try to introduce Coconut + MyPy into our codebase