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Jul 2017
Cristi Constantin
Jul 17 2017 14:36 UTC
@evhub Thank you for your response! I actually read all the documentation now an I discovered the parse function just now :)
very cool project!
Jul 17 2017 16:59 UTC
@evhub Hi, I'm working in [A]recaceae, and I was wondering if the REPL exit command worked or not, it doesn't do anything in the console, but the code seems accurate?
Jul 17 2017 18:15 UTC

Also, in reference to this part of the documentation, what does "in-place" mean?

New operators:

compose: .. (in-place: ..=)

curry: $

pipeline: |> (in-place: =>)

lambda: ->

chain: :: (in-place: ::=)
Evan Hubinger
Jul 17 2017 21:32 UTC
@rts-2 Woah, you're using a reaaallllyyy old version of Coconut. You should update! Try pip install --upgrade coconut, then refer to the documentation at
@croqaz Thanks! If you run into any issues feel free to ask here again!