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Aug 2017
Aug 02 2017 03:11 UTC
@evhub thank you for pointing me to the direction of a project written in coconut - I know it is a new language and I'm positively surprised there is already something in it - further proof that this is not a toy. I think I may try something on checkio with coconut.
Aug 02 2017 04:31 UTC
@evhub Oh, what a shame. But thanks for the pointer to the poster.
Evan Hubinger
Aug 02 2017 04:59 UTC
@yggdr I was going to try to submit a talk, but I ended up not having the free time to prepare one. Maybe at some other time/venue I will!
@Paul-Yuchao-Dong Glad to hear it! If you run into any problems feel free to ask again here!
Eshin Jolly
Aug 02 2017 17:01 UTC
Hi all, brand new user here trying coconut for this first time, but can't get the pip install to work (I know really basic issue). Not sure if it's better to open a github issue or ask here. pip install, works, but running coconut-h produces a type error "enablePackrat() takes no arguments (1 given)". I'm running on mac OSX 10.11.6, with python 2.7, and zshell if that's helpful.