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Aug 2017
Evan Hubinger
Aug 03 2017 04:30
@ejolly That means your pyparsing is outdated; you should be able to pip install --upgrade pyparsing to fix the issue, though it's very strange that you have to do that since Coconut explicitly depends on an updated pyparsing. It's possible you're running an outdated pip, so it didn't recognize the dependency? If you have a chance, let me know what your pip -V is.
Eshin Jolly
Aug 03 2017 05:44
@evhub hmm that doesnt seem to work. Pip tells me I'm already using the latest version of pyparsing 2.2.0, and pip itself is at the latest version 9.0.1, which is managed by Anaconda at version 4.3.22
Evan Hubinger
Aug 03 2017 23:12
@ejolly Strange... are you sure you're running Coconut on the same python where you have pyparsing installed? Compare coconut -v to python -m coconut -v and make sure they're the same. Also try python -c "import pyparsing; print(pyparsing.__version__)" and let me know what it spits out. To make sure you're using the right pip, I'd also recommend trying python -m pip install coconut pyparsing and seeing if that helps.